Mr. Cotton Liu

I was born in Fremont, CA, 2003. I am so glad to see .   Gino is a very good guy. He always pick my "Shit" even though I know he really hate it. 

Mr. Cotton Liu

Beth Gao

Mr.Cotton's sister. In her mind, Cotton is thousands of times more important that Gino. Cannot live  without fresh fruit and seafood. Has an obsession with with the pure beauty of nature

Gino Zhag

Mr.Cotton's brother. The male salve of both Cotton and Beth. Master many home and life skills since met Beth. Keep training by Beth and to be a qualified husband and father !

Muscle and seafood lover. Gino's No.1 love rival in the world. If She is a man, it's none of Gino's business. Their friendship between Emma and Beth is tighter than skinny jean

Emma Lin

Eduard Nasybulin

Marathon runner and wine lover. He is the one who drinks vodka at night and wakes up with a Russian accent. And he is one of the brightest young scientists and best trustworthy friend! !

Chen Wenhui

Talented architect and lovely girl. The best friend of Beth since middle school. Distance means so little when someone means so much.


Muscular macho man. Smile like California sunshine. Has thousands of different ways to "torture" Gino in GYM. But Gino still enjoy it ! Man is weird animal ! 

Yi YUHui

Five years angle girl.  She is so emotional and thoughful to care everyone's feeling.  Has great potential on drawing and dancing.

five years handsome boy. Has a heart of curiosity.  loves being around people and chatting and laughing with everyone

MaoMi Liu

Three years little lovely girl. Big fan of "Little Uncle Zhang". Ignore everything when watch cartoon ! 

Yi YUHan

Four years little cute boy.  Carry his school bag and run back and forth at home.  Full of energy , everything is an adventure !

Aiden Zhu

Special Family Member 

Little Nephew GunGe

2 Y

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